♟️How to play


The objective of the game is to strategically form a team with your NFT cards and defeat the opposing team.


  1. Form Teams: Each player will choose 2 NFT cards to form their team.

  2. Balance Your Team: Ensure your team is balanced more details are explained in the Cards section.

  3. Determining the First Player: The first player will be the one with the lowest average of statistics between the 2 players.

  4. Shuffle Cards: The order of the cards is randomized.


  1. Turns: Players take turns to attack. Each player will have a turn to attack, during which there will be a damage booster between 1.1-1.25.

  2. Outcome: Battles will be simulated, and the first player to run out of characters will be the loser. The game will become more interactive in the future.

Strategies and Tips

  • Team Composition: Choose your team wisely to balance offensive and defensive capabilities.

  • Adaptability: Be prepared to adapt your strategy as the game progresses.

Prepare your NFT cards, team up with your partner, and may the best team win in Alephium Battle!

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